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Bowling Green
Foundation Repair

Bowling Green foundation repair

Foundation Repair Bowling Green


foundation repair Bowling Green

Foundations are the most important part of any building, providing the strength and stability we expect from them. There are times, however, when the foundation of your building can get damaged which can then have knock-on effects through the rest of the building, meaning that a responsive repair service is needed. We have one of the best foundation repair services in Kentucky, combining the skill and knowledge of our repair crews with the specialist techniques and equipment to provide a first-class service to the residents of Bowling Green. We don’t just specialize in foundation repairs either and can provide leveling, services, basement waterproofing, and basement and crawl space repair services too.

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house basement, foundation insulation details with waterproofing and damp proof membranes

About Our Foundation Repair Team

We are a Bowling Green Foundation Repair contractor, and part of the Acculevel family, that has built a reputation for reliability and a responsive service. We work hard to ensure that all of our clients get the highest quality of service no matter who, or where, they are. To do this, we have an experienced foundation repair crew that is also adept at basement and crawl space repairs and waterproofing, and we do our best to respond to all repair requests as soon as possible. We also make an effort to ensure that all of our services are as competitively priced as possible, while still maintaining the high standards that we are known for.

foundation repair company Bowling Green

Our Services

Damage to any building is a problem but foundation damage is particularly significant. Thankfully, we are able to deal with foundation repairs quickly and effectively. We are also able to address unevenness in a home or other building with building leveling that is suitable for all types of building bases. As well as addressing foundation and leveling problems, we are also able to provide a basement and crawl space repair service. This, along with our basement waterproofing is a great way to protect your home from further damage, as well as preventing mold and rot.

Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair

Foundation damage can lead to further building-wide problems and so it is best to deal with it as soon as possible. We are experts at carrying out foundation repairs in Bowling green, and the fact that we are based locally enables us to be incredibly responsive to anyone who is in need of repairs. No matter the situation, we are able to provide effective repairs thanks to our expert staff and the variety of repair methods we have available.

Basement Crack Repair

Basement Crack Repair

Damage to basements can vary from a hairline crack in the wall to significant water damage and more. Much like foundation damage, if these are not dealt with they can lead to further problems in the future, particularly moisture entry and rot setting in. Our basement crack repair service is able to provide long-lasting basement crack repairs ensuring your basement stays in peak condition, no matter how severe the crack might be.

Basement Waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing

Being at the lowest point in most buildings, water is one of the biggest problems for basements. The mold and rot it can lead to, as well as the water itself, can render the area almost unusable in the worst situations. We can provide basement waterproofing in Bowling Green to anyone who needs it. This allows you to block water entry and once again make it a comfortable and usable space.

Crawl Spaces Repair

Crawl Spaces Repair

Crawl spaces are an overlooked part of most buildings but when they are properly maintained they can offer a range of benefits. Our Bowling Green crawl space repair service is ideal for every form of repairs, whether they are building leveling, or dealing with problems caused by moisture. Our expert staff are among the best at crawl space repair in Kentucky, meaning that you can count on us to provide excellent repairs while also enjoying the benefits a well-maintained crawl space can provide.

Building Leveling

Building Leveling

Unevenness can form in any building as it ages, from a home to commercial properties, and this can even affect areas like driveways and patios too. We have a building leveling and commercial concrete leveling service that is able to deal with all of your leveling needs. Our repair crews are trained in a range of leveling techniques suitable for any structure and have the equipment to take on any job, enabling us to carry out the long-lasting repairs that you expect.

House Leveling

House Leveling

As a home ages, the ground beneath it can settle and shift for a number of reasons, leading to unevenness and even foundation damage. This can be particularly noticeable in buildings with concrete floors as they can crack when the ground settles. No matter what your building is made from, however, we have a home leveling service that has the skill and equipment to make sure that your home is once again stable and level.

Blair C

“These guys have to be some of the best at basement waterproofing in Kentucky. My basement seemed like a magnet for water, making it almost unusable for a long time. Since these guys waterproofed it though, I’ve been able to use it without problems. It feels like my house gained a whole new room!”

Maria O

“My driveway has been slowly sinking for a while now, but I’ve been hesitant to get anything done to it because I was worried about the price. When I called and asked about the concrete leveling service, I was actually surprised at how affordable the service was, and they got it sorted in no time.”

Kevin T

“I have a large property that started to have some large cracks form on it, noticeably on the outer walls. Acculevel & Bowling Green Foundation Repairs were great. They managed to figure out where the problem was and reacted quickly to get the foundation repaired as soon as possible.”

Areas We Served

Aberdee, Alvaton, Auburn, Bee Spring, Bowling Green, Brooklyn, Brownsville, Drake, Dunbar, Hadley, Halfway, Hillview, Jetson, Lindseyville, Mammoth Cave, Morgantown, Oakland, Provo, Richardsville, Rockfield, Roundhill, Scottsville, Smiths Grove, South Union, Sweeden, Welchs Creek, Woodburn, Woodbury, Allen, Bullitt, Butler, Edmonson, Logan, Warren

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If you are in need of a foundation contractor in Bowling Green, then you need to look no further. When you call us, we will have a member of our dedicated customer service team that will be able to discuss your problems and organize appropriate work at a time that suits you. We are also able to work with both residential clients and commercial groups. Why don’t you call us today and let us know what we can do for you? Our customer service team can be contacted by calling the phone number that is available on our website.