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House Leveling

Small building movements are a common problem in Bowling Green, but these have the potential to become large problems if left untreated. We realize this, and so we have a responsive housel leveling service that can assess and correct damage before the problem gets any worse. We are experts at repairing all forms of damage that can occur below ground so, as well as having a reliable and adaptable foundation repair service, we can also deal with damage caused to basements and concrete surfaces, such as driveways and patios too.

What Causes Building Movements?

The movement of the foundation of your building and, subsequently, the building itself can happen for a number of reasons. This can be things like the building settling over time on softer ground, or water movement under the home causing erosion and the formation of cavities. When these form they tend to be uneven, resulting in the formation of cracks and other damage. Neglecting this form of damage can result in serious problems so, if you suspect that your house is in need of leveling services then we encourage you to call us today, at the number available on our website.

Foundation Repair

Foundations are what keep your home stable and secure so, when these are damaged by building movement, it is important that you get the problem dealt with as soon as possible. Our Bowling Green leveling service is ideally suited to providing a fast and effective foundation repair service. We are situated locally so our staff can carry out work in a timely manner. We also have experience with a range of specialist techniques that are suitable for a diverse range of situations. This ensures that, no matter what the situation it is, or where you are in the Bowling Green area, we will have a solution that is appropriate for you.

Basement And Crawl Space Repair

Just like the parts of a building above ground can become damaged, crawlspaces and Basements can become damaged too. This can result in visible and obvious damage, such as cracked walls, but less obvious damage too. One of the most common issues caused by basement and crawlspace damage is water entry to the home, which can cause mold and rot to set in and can also result in a loss of insulation too. As well as being experts at foundation repair in Bowling Green, we are more than capable of basement and crawl space repair and waterproofing, meaning that your home can stay comfortable and damage-free.

Suitable For All materials

The floor surfaces of a building are not always made from the same material. Some may have concrete flooring directly contacting the ground beneath while others might be wooden beams suspending it above a basement or crawl space. Each of these situations, and the others we encounter, will need different techniques to make sure that the floor is both level and protected from further damage. Through training and the right specialist equipment, our building leveling service in Bowling Green is designed to be able to adapt to the needs of our clients, no matter what their leveling needs are.

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