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Foundations are the most important part of any building and when they become damaged it can cause other problems throughout the building, from something as small as a sticky door to major structural damage. At Bowling Green Foundation Repair we are experts at repairing the foundations of homes and other buildings, and can ensure that your property is secure and stable once again. To enable this, we have an expert foundation repair team that is equipped to handle every building’s unique requirements. Foundation movements can also mean that surfaces are uneven, whether they are wooden floors above a crawl space or concrete laid on the underlying earth. As well as repairing the foundations we are also more than capable of leveling bones, concrete surfaces, and other buildings.

  • Foundation Repair
  • Basement Crack Repair
  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Crawl Spaces Repair
  • Building Leveling
  • House Leveling

Basements and crawl spaces are another area of a building that is close to the foundation and can be susceptible to damage. Since these are the lowest point of the building they are also vulnerable to water and moisture, This can then lead to mold and rot in other parts of your property. For this reason, we also provide basement and crawl space repair services for anyone who is in need of this. To further protect your property from water and rot, we are also able to install effective waterproofing in basements. An added bonus of having a properly maintained basement and crawl space is that it can provide extra usable space while also improving the insulation, potentially helping our clients save money.

old foundation renovation by installing vertical steel siding, metal siding on a starter strip to protect the house from water damage
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